Justin Timberlake Announces Tour Dates for 2018

Justin Timberlake has announced his upcoming tour for his new album, Man Of The Woods. The album will be released on February 2, and the tour will kick off March 13 in Canada. The tour will be inspired by nature (obvious by the album title) and will bring “the outside in” according to Justin.

Now…we all know black people are on his ass about what he did to our beloved Janet back in 04′, so we hope his upcoming Super Bowl performance shows us he wants back in our good graces. But we’ll see.

Check out the trailer for Man Of The Woods and the you dates below.

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Lil Wayne – Dedication 6 [Mixtape]


And here it is folks…the long overdue release of Wayne’s Dedication 6. This sixth installment comes 4 years after his last Dedication 5 drop in 2013. According to Wayne, there are 2 versions of D6, and fans will be getting 15 tracks for part one on Christmas, and the remaining songs will be available at a later (rumored to be for purchase/streaming but we’ll see). Since the Dedication series usually hosts around 25ish songs, it is no surprise that this project will be split.

Check out the track list and listen inside.

Lil Wayne’s Dedication 6 Mixtape Tracklist

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Jay-Z – Smile, Marcy Me, Legacy [Videos]

Jay-Z finally releases the visuals for Smile, Marcy Me, and Legacy to the common world (only Tidal users were granted access to these videos until now). The visuals are more like mini movies and are just as powerful as 4:44. Teetering the 11 minute mark, you will definitely be satisfied with the deliverables. (I wouldn’t be surprised if Jay came through with a full motion picture in the future). Check out the visuals inside in case you haven’t seen them already.

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