Berner – The Big Pescado [Album Stream]

This week one of Taylor Gang’s most slept on weed connoisseurs, Berner, dropped The Big Pescado project and we must say we’re quite impressed. The Big Pescado is executive produced by Scott Storch and flows flawlessly from track to track. With the album pulling on West Coast legends like, The Game, Snoop, E-40, Too $hort, and Ty Dolla $ign, you could bet your last dolla … Continue reading Berner – The Big Pescado [Album Stream]

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Album Review: Wiz Khalifa–Taylor Allderdice

WIZ KHALIFA – TAYLOR ALLDERDICE Rostrum Records/Taylor Gang Release Date: March13, 2012 The bounce back from Rolling Papers is here, giving the fans a bit of the original Wiz again. Taylor Allderdice is a must have judging from the downloading problems from sites being flooded from fans wanting the tape…the craze fits all too well. On this tape, the audience gets an inside look to Wiz’ thoughts … Continue reading Album Review: Wiz Khalifa–Taylor Allderdice

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Album Review: KiD CuDi x Dot Da Genius— WZRD [Released: February 28, 2012]

The WZRD is here with the first project self-titled. Coming a long way from “Day & Nite”, the duo have finally compiled their first work; the perfect medium of Hip Hop and Rock.  Dot Da Genius has blended Cudi’s subject matter to “mildly-rockish” tunes, placing Cudi in a seemingly more comfortable light. With the Cleveland native’s favorably unique style over the sounds of Alternative Rock, … Continue reading Album Review: KiD CuDi x Dot Da Genius— WZRD [Released: February 28, 2012]

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Album Review: Common–The Dreamer, The Believer

Someone recently said that Common lost his way….

Looks like he found it.

The Dreamer, The Believer, Common’s 8th studio album, hit shelves this past Tuesday and has his fans rockin! The album starts with the intro track, The Dreamer,  featuring the full of shit  lovely Maya Angelou, where he tells you about his journey of dreams and she digs into her book of poetry. Soon after, he hits us with his highly successful single Ghetto Dreams, featuring the best rapper of all time  Nas. I guess Com was like “I’m bout to hit yall over the head, and knock you unconscious with this one”, because the flow from the duo is so ILL (Or maybe it was the line “She knows shoe’s like she knows survival).

One thing I have to point out about this album is the production quality of the entire project. I’m sure it is not a person on this earth that can tell me that Blue Sky wasn’t dope production wise, but of course it is probably overlooked by 75% of the people copping this album.

Dare I say it…Sweet is a diss record for Drake?

You should never wanna go against me

You know man, you too soft for that man
I be seeing you man, I see it in your eyes man
You aint the type of nigga to go against me
You get in my presence you gon’ feel like a little hoe
You aint a man yet, you tryna be somebody else
Man, be yourself man, you come around my crib, you get your shit took
Huh, wherever you go, you probably be overseas in Europe and get yo shit took
You’s a hoe, you know you sweet
Aint nothing you can do man, people see that man
Broads be seeing you sweet
Done wit’ you muthafuckas, it’s over for you
It’s over for you? It’s over, sweet muthafucka

Yea, I’m instigating this…YES, Common will destroy every simp bone in Drake’s body. I need a good beef here folks.

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Album Review: Drake — Take Care

Yo! To all other artists in the rap game, Take Care…because Drake has definitely taken your position at the top. The critically acclaimed sophomore album from Drizzy is original and back to the same style as So Far Gone; the singing/rapping trademark remastered and the features are fulfilling. Sensitivity over a dope bass line is a lady, and a gentlemen’s dream combo. That demographic could … Continue reading Album Review: Drake — Take Care

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Album Review: “Ambition” – Wale

  And so the “No Days Off,” movement continues with Wale’s sophomore album, Ambition, the DC natives first work under the MMG label. Wale’s hunger and dedication is definitely exemplified in this new CD in stores as of 11/1/11. The highly anticipated second album is definitely worth the hype as Wale introduces the motivation fueling his fire to rap, his Ambition; the factor that attracts … Continue reading Album Review: “Ambition” – Wale

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Mixtape Review: Freddie Gibbs – Cold Day in Hell [Released: October 31, 2011]

Gangsta Gibbs serves us up with his newest tape, Cold Day in Hell. As expected, the content is kept consistent with it’s illicit nature; it’s the average “hood” subject matter consisting of drugs, girls, money, and the struggle through it all. It is much appreciated that with this tape, he takes the informative route. Gibbs let’s his audience know what is going on in his … Continue reading Mixtape Review: Freddie Gibbs – Cold Day in Hell [Released: October 31, 2011]

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Album Review: Jay-Z & Kanye West–Watch The Throne [Album Released: August 8,2011]

It’s not hard—as a matter of fact it’s actually a lot easier, to totally misconstrue Watch the Throne, arguably the year’s most anticipated album from hip hop’s biggest stars: Jay Z, and Kanye West.

Behind the countless references to $300,000+ watches, tricked out Maybachs (on Maybachs… on Maybachs), supermodel conquests, and weeklong stays at the 5-star Le Meurice hotel in Paris, it’s no secret what Kanye meant when he described WTT as “luxury rap:”

Kanye and Jay Z (the Throne) are disgustingly wealthy. So much so, their lifestyle transcends the comprehension of most (fellow MC’s and fans). Don’t think so? Ask and see how many of your friends knew about the Rolls Royce Corniche, Hublot watch, or Wynn hotel before WTT). Research how many artists in any genre do their traveling in a $50,000,000 G450 private jet. Kanye and Jay Z both have more money than most, and they love to remind us… over and over again.

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Beyonce-4 (Album Review)

Not quite Dangerously In Love, but this’ll do. Today marks the release of Beyonce’s 4th Album, 4. Upon initial thought, I was a little thrown off by the utterly simple album title, but after much thought….I recognize the complexity in its simplicity. Let’s start with the basics shall we? First single…Run The World (Girls) really wasn’t a hit for most people, but ironically, I found the … Continue reading Beyonce-4 (Album Review)

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