Chicago’s Ajani Jones is Discovered on “Cocoons” EP [Review]

Ever been to Chicago? Ever wanted authentic L train views of the city? Ajani Jones brings us a typical day in his life. The straightforward 20 minute video displays visuals setting the scene of his 6 track EP, Cocoons.

Jones sounds like a special breed when dropping crystals on the opening track. His flow is concise but above average while displaying a natural rhythm for joyriding the lucid beat.

The second track provides the same output, but Ajani makes it clear, he’s a product of his environment, for better or worse.

Third time’s the charm. Jones paints pictures and shifts flows over a dreamy but believable track.

If the first three tracks sound like smooth premium cloud rap, the forth slows things down as the Southside native focuses on paying old school homage and smoking one.

Altogether, this is a solid consistent offering by the newest signee of the Chicago based independent collective known as Closed Sessions. If I missed anything, don’t trip, I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear from the blooming Ajani Jones.

Watch and Listen to the EP below…

Written by Justin Morris

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